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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Noodle What?

We've officially switched to one of our summer menus:  noodle kugel.  This dish is as addictive as our eggplant parmesan.  We receive a lot of compliments and most people want seconds. I had an near Abbott-and-Costello moment tonight with one of our customers, that went something like this:

                            Guest:  Honey, what is this called?
                            Me:  Noodle kugel.
                            Guest:  Cooked noodles?
                            Me:  It's called noodle kugel.
                            Guest:  Noodle good what?
                            Me:  Kugel.  That's what it's called.   It's just a funny name.

So, I thought I would give some explanation.  First of all, "kugel" is pronounced "coo-gul."  It's a noodle casserole made with egg  noodles, and it can be sweet or savory, and maybe even both. Apparently, kugels were originally cooked in a round pan and were puffed up and round, so the dish was named "kugel," meaning "ball" in German.  Whatever, join us in May, when we'll be having that yummy noodle dish.

Below are some pics from the evening.  The lady on the bottom was the lucky recipient of our monthly free raffle.