This blog is posted by "Elijah's Table," a joint project of the Episcopal Church of the Transfiguration (1 Hood Road, Derry, NH) and Etz Hayim Synagogue (1-1/2 Hood Road, Derry, NH), both located on Hood Road in Derry, NH. Twice a month we provide free, family-friendly dinners, which are served in a relaxed atmosphere. There are other organizations in the Derry, New Hampshire area that also offer free and delicious meals to the public. Please see the calendar on the right-hand side of this blog for a list of upcoming meals. And don't forget the offerings of the Sonshine Soup Kitchen (described on the left-hand side of this blog) and The Derry Salvation Army!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

A perfect evening.

It was a perfect May evening. Nice weather. Friends. Good food (tuna salad, garden salad, mac and cheese, eggplant, and noodle kugel). And cake and ice cream. Who could want more? Photos are: "Evidence that Frank Does Dishes," "Three Generations of Volunteers," "The Pie Raffle is Drawn," "I won a pie!" and "I won a pie, too!"

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Kayla Raises Money for Elijah's Table.

Today was (1) Etz Hayim Synagogue's "Walk the Land" celebration of Israel's 65th birthday, (2) Cinco de Mayo, and (3) another day of Kayla earnestly selling hand-made cookies to raise money for Elijah's Table. Go Kayla!!! We are so grateful to volunteers like Kayla, without whom we could not offer our delicious dinners to the public. Please join us on May 19th for a great meal, which will include pasta, salad, kugel, tuna fish, and ice cream. Yum!